The Rogues Gallery

Here are pictures of my family. Heading the procession is my lovely and extraordinarily talented wife, Judith, seen here with the femur (upper leg bone} of a Sauropod dinosaur. Judith is 140 cm tall, so you can estimate how big the creature was which owned it.

My daughter, Sarah , thinks she is a cat. Actually, she would like to be a paleontologist.

My son, Daniel.

Actually, we were going to do a picture of me, but the scanner broke. Here is a 10 year old picture of me and the kids in Mt. Ranier national park.

Can you be a Linux Geek and still be mobbed by members of the opposite sex?

Yes!  And I photographic proof.   These are, my niece Chara Lynch (5, in purple) , me (in the Red Hat),  my niece Joanna Lynch (4, in white), and my nephew Michael Lynch (2, inverted).  Actually, this picture was taken just after we had returned from riding the Kitsap Live Steamers in Port Orchard, Washington.  Everybody should have nieces and nephews like these kids.  They are smart, energetic, likable, and when they do get into trouble, their parents do the hard part of parenting: discipline.  I get to remain a favorite uncle.  It is so much easier to be an uncle than a father.