What's up and what's not

In the following matrix, green means it's working, red means not working, N/A means that this is not applicable.  For web sites, if any part of the web site is not working, then the web site is not working.  For FTP, if it is possible for the administrator to FTP to that site, then it is working.  For E-mail, if it is possible to E-mail to the site then it is working (since I can't test downloading the E-mail).  Blank squares have not yet been tested.  Each square contains the initials of the person doing the testing and a time stamp in the form YYYYMMDD:HHMM

JHS 19980627:18:00
JHS 19980627:18:00
Site IP (207.153.191.x) DNS Backup DNS Web FTP E-mail
www.langworld.com  JHS 19980627:18:00
www.lauralee.com JHS 19980627:18:00 JHS 19980627:18:00 JHS 19980627:18:00
www.feaereygroup.com   JHS 19980627:18:00
MWAA, Jeff, Sarah, Daniel JHS 19980627:18:00 JHS 19980627:18:00

To publish to a site, e.g. the http://www.a.jetinternet.com/jeff site, use the URL ftp://publisher@www.a.jetinternet.com/jeff/  .