Netsmart Seminars -Lessons learned

  1. It takes 4 hours to set up and test the computers, the WAN connection, the sound system.
  2. We need three compures
  3. Parts list (see below)
  4. Wiring diagram - two copies (one for us, one for the house engineering).  Include impedence, levels, jacks
  5. test, test, test!
  6. Cell phone
  7. Associate with a PC and a sound card, to monitor the show (at some distant location, not at the conference)
  8. Delegate!  Have a clear list of things to do.
  9. Extra cables - have one spare of everything!
  10. Bungee cords and fluffy towels.  To keep things from falling.

Parts List

Part Qty
PC 3
Keyboards 4 (1 spare)
Monitors 3
Mice or trackballs 4 (1 spare)
Coaxial cables 3 (1 spare)
BNC "T" connectors 3 (1 spare)
Power strips
BNC terminators 3 (1 spare)
Sound board 1
DAT drive 1
Telephone cable 2 (1 spare)

Wiring table

Machie: main out L -> encoding computer sound card MIC IN
Machie: main out R -> audio monitoring computer sound card MIC IN
Machie: line in 5 <- DAT: line out
Machie: line in 4 <- VCR Audio OUT
Machie: line in 3 <- audio monitoring computer sound card SPKR OUT (Mute this channel for normal operation)
Machie: MIC 2 <- house sound
Machie: Control Room Out -> DAT: line IN
Audio Monitor machine sound card AUX out: Headphones.

All 3 computers connect to Ethernet.

Encoding computer connects to ISDN.  Record the SPID numbers here:__________________________________