People we met on the trip

Zvi Levran, Educator and Licensed Tour Guide

25/4 Kfar Etzlon St., Jerusalem, Israel 93392. Levran, Educator and Licensed Tour Guide, 25/4 Kfar Etzlon St., Jerusalem, Israel Compare Zvi's logo with the Ministry of Tourisms' logo: The logo of the Israel Ministry of Tourism,
Zvi is incomparable.  He is intelligent, tough, compasssionate, fair, and he has charisma.

Judy Criden at Kibbutz Kfar Blum

Our tour guide at Kibbutz Kfar Blum was Dr. Judith Criden, who is a spry young woman in her early 60s. I pray I am as active and as cheerful as she is when I am her age.  Rabbi Jonathan Singer is standing behind her in this view.

  Dr. Criden's address is:

Dr. Judith B. Criden

educational programs
Kfar Blum Kibbutz Hotel,
Upper Galilee Israel 12150
FAX, 06-6836600


We ate lunch in Isfiya or Osfia, there are two different renderings in my notes.

Box 520
Osfia, Israel 30090


Hebrew Union College (HUC)

We toured the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem and we were addressed by Major Jonathan Levny, the solicitor general of Samaria and Chairman of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism.  My notes on his comments fill a page.

Speakers at the Olive Tree

We had several speakers who came to the Olive Tree Hotel and spoke to us.

Rabbis for Human Rights

R. Arik Ascherman was a classmate of R. Jonathan's.  He spoke to us about how Non-governmental organizations have been instrumental in protecting the rights of Palestinians.
Rabbis for Human Rights

  22 S.Y. Agnon Street
  Jerusalem 93589
  Tel: 02-6796831
  Fax: 02-6796289
  Co-Directors: Rabbi Arik Ascherman, Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom  Chairperson: Rabbi Isaac Newman

Bob Lang

Bob Lang is a member of Peacewatch.  He spoke to us about Efrata, a community transplanted from New York City under the leadership of R. Shlomo Riskin.
Bob Lang

#13 äìä Hay Lamed Hay
Efrata, Israel

Daoud Eweis

Mr. Eweis is a very articulate and capable Arab lawyer who has been protecting the rights of Arabs in the occupied territories.  He made the interesting assertion that after the assination of Rabin, under Peres, the number of deaths due to suicide bombings increased by 73%.

New Israel Fund

Members of the group

Many of these people I have known most of my life. Some of them couldn't move as fast as others. One of the things that was most touching about this trip is the way everybody watched out for and cared for one another.

Diane Baer and her daughters Danielle Baer and Shawn Roseman
Sheldon & Reva Biback
Richard Cohen & Carol Maurer
Brenda Etter 
Sharon Fields
Sam and Charlene Finn and Leah and Josh
Sharon Gang & Larry West
Rose Ann Hirakawa 
Cecily Kaplan (a.k.a. "Wonder Woman")
Mildred Katz
Ronald & Nancy Meltzer 
Laura Paskin & Barry Mendelsohn
Alan Paulson
Dan and Sis Polin
Gail & Morris Rosenberg
Jeff and Susan Ross
Earl and Charyl Kay Sedlik and their daughter, Molly Sedlik
Barbara & Richard Shikiar
Leonard and Ginny Shulman above the Gihon Spring.
Jeff Silvermani and Judith Silverman clowning around in Ceasarea.  Judith is the most gorgeous woman I know.
Rabbi Jonathan Singer

I think this is everybody who has an E-mail address...
Allan Paulson <>
Barbara & Richard Shikiar <>
Cecily Kaplan <>
Charlene Finn <>
Danielle Baer <>
Diane Baer <>
Diane Baer alias <>
Earl Sedlik <>
Gail & Morris Rosenberg <>
Ginny & Leonard Shulman <>
Brenda Etter <>
Jeff Ross <>
Jeff & Judith Silverman <>
Laura Paskin & Barry Mendelsohn <>
Mildred Katz <>
Molly Sedlik <>
Rabbi Jonathan Singer <>
Richard Cohen & Carol Maurer <>
Richard Shikiar <>
Ronald & Nancy Meltzer <>
Rose Ann Hirakawa <>    
Sam Finn <>
Sharon Gang <>
Shawn Roseman <>
Sheldon & Reva Biback <>
Sis Polin <>


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