The Spring 2000 Temple Beth Am Israel trip

Led by our Rabbi, Jonathan Singer, our tour guide, Zvi Levran, our incomparable bus driver Motti, we traveled around the countryside of Israel for two weeks!  This page describes the trip from a chronological and geographical point of view.  There are also pages on

Note that some of the information falls into more than one category.  For example Charyl Kay & Barry's play, set in Roman times, is about both religion and archeology and people.


Tel Aviv

Beit Daniel

The Museum of the Diaspora (28-Mar)



As we left Tel Aviv going north, Judith wrote in my notebook "Being in Israel is such an awesome experience that I am enthralled, and have a lump in my throat because of the feeling of being in this holy land.  The reason why this quote is noteworthy is that throughout our preparations, Judith was scared of flying across water, was afraid Something Awful would happen to us, felt it would cost too much, etc., etc.
Caesarea was King Herod's major sea port and a large Roman theater.



We ate lunch in the Druze village of Isfiya.


Kibbutz Kfar Blum

See also the sculpture at Kfar Blum. The guest house where we stayed which was terrific.

Kibbutz Mosha 'av and the Lebanese border

Tel Dan

The Golan Heights and the border with Syria



The Chagall Windows at Hadassah Hospital in Ein Kerem.


Yad Vashem.  After Yad Vashem, we went to the town of Efrata.


The Whol Museum of Archeology.
The tunnel at the base of The Wall.
Our trip to the Spring of Gihon and Wilson's shaft, or how did David take Jersusalem, really?





Mt. Nebo

Things we did well and things we should do better next time.

What we did well What wasn't so good
Going to Tel Aviv via Los Angeles  (we should have gone to Copenhagen or Zurich).  The Spanish inquisition never discovered commercial jet aircraft, for some reason