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Improving Network Reliability with Keepalived  No matter how good the software, hardware eventually fails. Redundancy is an important way to keep your important services running smoothly. With the right software, you can even sleep through otherwise catastrophic network failures. Philip Hollenback demonstrates how to make your network robust by using Keepalived on multiple Linux routers.   []


Larry P. Flesher
Perhaps the finest manager I've ever worked for.  He taught me more about caring for people, respect, motivation, and discipline.
Frank Rasor
When Boeing adopted the World Class Competiveness initiative, he embraced the Deming approach to measurement and management by facts and figures better than anybody else I know.
Frank Gleason, Mikhail Gutkovich, Parker Johnson, David King, Jeremy Mates, Nojan Moshiri, Greg Moynihan, Zach Pohlman, Glen Raynor, Tushaar Sethi, Mark Tapper. Simply the finest team of system administrators I've ever met. Scott Brady, Chris Johnson, Blaine Martin, Rodney Rutherford, the network magicians. Jim Littlefield, data center engineer. Real Networks
All sorts of good ideas on how to build reliable computer systems
Prof. John Sahr
University of Washington, Eletrical Engineering Department
Prof. Sahr taught me more than I ever wanted to know about parallel computing,

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