Online Temple Beth Am Web Page Survey

Weíre asking all of you to contribute your thoughts to the TBA Home Page. Our hope is to make it easy-to-use, friendly, helpful, full of correct information and taking the staffís time to update no more than 20-30 minutes a day.

A question: what should be a main button (that you click to go to a page that tells you more, and so on) and what should be a secondary button? For example, should we put ìHealing Serviceî under Rabbi or under Religious Practices Committee? Should we have ìTorah Studyî under Adult Education or under Services? What you have in front of you is a Draft, and

all your ideas and suggestions are wanted. Pay particular attention to the numbers that apply to you. [Details on page 4.}

the Home Page itself


logo (and maybe on click buttons) address, etc

short paragraphs introducing philosophy, welcoming new

and interested people

left side of page would have the main heading buttons (in all-caps)

date page last revised

request for suggestions, corrections,etc.


welcoming statement, times, days, email


link to Festivals, Rabbis, Religious Education Committee


welcome to TBA
(recorded) (picture)

sermon of the week, ask the Rabbi a question, email address


special services, Torah study


Officers, members, mission statement

names, phone numbers, email numbers


names, group picture, work descriptions, best time to phone

message from?

e.g. Felix: ìDonít drive more than 5mph.î

Victoria: ìDonít call Friday after 5:30î

6 Administrator (own page)

main roles, dues questions, link to Treasurer

ask me a question re: list, email

7 Educator (own page)

main roles, ask me a question re: list, email

link to Religious Education main head and committee

link to other educational resources

8 Program Director (own page[s])

main roles, hours and times to call, email


9 Principal

philosophy, parent roles

days, hours, early childhood ed, grades 1-3, middle grades

bar mitzvah prep, high school

links to Educator, Calendar, Youth Committee, Volunteers


Iím more than willing to do something one time

whatís needed this month? link to People to People

Iíll go monthly (nice picture of mailing group)

email, Sign me up! formatted register form to fill in, email

I myself could use some help (non-illness)

ride for me to, ride for my child to

11 LibraryóBet Hasefer + logo

description of collection, major periodicals

how to check out, policies, links to book sources

Top 7 books of the month, reviews, email

12 Choir Director

link to Music and learn all

13 MUSICóOy, can they sing

14 Cantors

14 Wendy Marcusóbio, pic

14 Susan Stombaugh-bio, pic

song of the week/month (recorded)

teaching a song (recorded)

good transliteration of lyrics included

15 Choir

pic of all singing, recorded

15 Jesse Parker, bio, (picture)

16 professional singers, bios

17 volunteer singers


youíd like to sing? Call óphone number, email

song of the month/nearest festival (recorded)


link to Announcements, Festivals, Services


details and (pictures)

bar and bat mitzvahs, birth naming, brit milah,

conversions, weddings

deaths (should family wish it)

bio, (picture), tribute


(Note: from here on, this follows our phone directory exactly, but this structure will not be the organizer for the web page.)

where are we meeting? when? can you email the last minutes?

link to calendar, email


20 Community Relations

approach, links to affiliates, email for suggestions

21 Dues & Budget

philosophy, terms, link to committee, email

22 FundraiseróTsedakah

philosophy, events, (pictures), email

23 Legal

So youíre interested in this? icon current issues, email

24 Long-range planning


email for questions, suggestions

25 Personnel

hiring, No, not for congregational members.

26 Publicity/Communications


27 Art

philosophy, goals, shows, (picture), email

28 College ?

29 Havurah

description, phone number, sign-up sheet (picture)


30 Historical


email for suggestions, questions

31 Outreach

description, email for questions, phone number, links

32 People to People

description, hours, email

put your phone number hereóóóóóóó

33 MembershipóIím new, tell me more

description of process, parag. on involvement

explanation of time, phone numbers, email

34 Youth

fun, tikkun olam, fundraise, travel

(pictures, several) we camp ólink to camps, email

35 Continuing Education

parag description, events going on/to come

email for suggestions

36 Scholar visit?

11 Library CommitteeóBet Hasefer+ logo

descr., committee role, email

37 Social ActionóTikkun Olam

description/philosophy, list of activities, (picture)

Sign up here! , formatted form to fill in, email



description, logo, statements from

updates, programs, email and email links

39 Gift Shop

hours, description of offerings

(picture of the month), We take Visa!, email for suggestions

40 Religious Practices

philosophy +icon, Hebrew quotation and translation

actions, activities in services, elsewhere

Torah study, links to

41 Religious Education

description, philosophy, activities, links to ed. sites


name + (logo and/or picture)

short history of, links to other reading

when? where? what to wear? link to Calendar, email

43 Links (too many to list now, but please suggest some)

would connect to

local, national, international

So here are the rules: You find your number and put it at the top of the page of personal stationery that you will be sending in. The date is March Fourth (4)óvery suitable for the Temple web page. Please email to or mail to Dena Dawson at 1714 East Roy, Seattle, WA 98112. Or you may fax your answers if Dena is home. So you call first and the fax can go on. Number to call is 323-2725.

Thank you for your cooperation.