The Overlake School class of '76 web page

E-mail Barbara Stanton, our class contact person. E-mail Jeff Silverman, the class webmaster.

Report the whereabouts of lost classmates to Barb.

The summer of 2005 get together

Overlake's web page is at

Party at the Robbins' June 11th 2005

We invited classes of 72-82 and we've had a huge response! It is going to be really fun. Spaff's mom's address is 231 40th E., Seattle. It is located very near Denny Blaine Park. The party starts at 6pm. It is a potluck.

RSVP to Mary Douglas Mary can be reached at (425)861-6191x615

The reunion soccer game and bbq is at Overlake on Saturday, June 12 2005 Soccer at 4; bbq at 5:30 - there will be a clown and other activities for kids - dinner and drinks are provided. Questions? E-mail Carol O'Donnell or call the school.

The class of 1976 30th year reunion

We met at Barb Stanton's house, and had a good time. Present were Jeff Anthony and his wife, Anna Armstrong and her husband, Bill Armstrong and his wife, Steve Bowman, Tad Gulik, Michael Ko and his wife, Jeanie Michell, David Rockey,  Jeff Silverman, Barb Stanton and her husband, John Vukov, John Winans,

All of us gathered in Barb and Tim's dinning room and kitchen
Us in Barb's Dining room
All of us gathered in Barb and Tim's dinning room and kitchen, but Steve has sunk to the floor.
A better picture of us in Barb's Dinning room
Steve made a valiant attempt to stay upright, and failed brilliantly.
Steve fell

Pictures from the Party at Overlake School, Redmond, Washington, September 9th 2006, are available as a Zip'd file, or you can pick and choose your pix.  I am working on captions and organization.