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picture of me! I'm the sysadmin of However, my day job is as Linux System Administrator for non-standard infrastructure at Google.  Prior to that I was Developer Supporter at Google.  I've been a software test engineer at F5 Networks and a  Network Support Engineer for F5 Networks. Prior to that, I worked two stints for Real Networks as a linux sysadmin. I've been a general computer expert for Seattle Forestry Sciences Laboratory (SFSL) (See the section on below). Formerly, I was sysadmin at Mathsoft's Data Analysis Products Division (next known as Insightful, now part of Tibco, and formerly known at Statistical Sciences (Statsci). Sometimes I write web pages and sometimes I write other software for other things. I am also the president of Men Working Against Abuse (MWAA), a domestic violence organization dedicated to helping men with their abuse issues.  I am a father, and I purport to think about Jewish topics, and sometimes all of these things overlap in various strange and wonderful ways. However, I have written an affirmation of cluelessness, where, after much thought and deliberation, I decide I haven't a clue.

I am also doing some free lance consulting for Area 51 Productions, a start independent startup film and TV production studio.

Table of contents:

(Text in this Arial font are references to external pages)
Computer Stuff and Consulting Services I do.
Judaism Stuff
Personal Stuff (friends and family) and also I have a page of pictures. and a page with links to all of my HTML files.  My Geek Code.
Domestic violence (really abuse) Stuff.
Real World Stuff including transit information and links to the government and my essay on fear of flying.

My resume (using open office BTW. The resume in Microsoft Word format.

Temple Beth Am did a Trip to Israel, including a list of web pages.
Transportation resources: planes, trains, buses, bicycles, boats, automobiles.

I am writing a science fiction novel in the my spare time, The Woman who was unstuck in time. It always bothered me that

  1. There was relatively little science in science fiction, and
  2. The hero always gets the girl at the end of the movie
So first of all, all of the units are in the metric system, and second of all, the protagonist is a woman, and three, she doesn't fall in love at the end of the book: she falls in love near the beginning, and she is happily married with children. Please read the book and then send me comments.

Software engineering and computer system design topics

My software engineering page.  I am trying to make an unbiased comparison of operating systems. I also have a comparison of operating system security between MS-Windows and Linux which I hope you will enjoy.

I am working on an open source project, an open source DNS monitor, with connections to E-mail, SNMP, a web server a command line interface and a VT100 interface.  I am also writing a book, Failure is Not an Option: a guide to building highly reliable computer systems from cheap hardware and open source software.. Also, I wrote an essay on Network Neutrality, which tries to explain why this is a big deal.

In response to the recent break-ins at Target and Neiman Marcus, I wrote an essay comparing the relative security of MS-Windows compared with Linux.

A tutorial on how to send secret information over an insecure system, or, how to send private information over E-mail (This is for you, Hillary Clinton).

Documenting the python dpkt package.

I am working on documenting Jon Oberheide's dpkt python package, which is a python interface to raw packets.  I am building a decoder.  The documentation is at dpkt.html.

Google Charts and Google's visualization API

For more information on my work with Google's visualization API, see google_test_visualization.html.

More essays on software engineering, most of which are now out of date.

Why Not Microsoft?  A manifesto on software reliability and Microsoft operating systems.  Windows/NT on the DEC Alpha (Ha, Ha!  If you want 64 bit computing, you can use Tru64 Unix, Spell Check (or is that Czech?) poem.
E-mail, Viruses and Virus Hoaxes
The Year 2000 crisis
There is a new standard in work from W3C for typesetting mathematics: MathML.
  Do you have an Epson 1670 Perfection scanner running under linux and SANE? Installing it is a pain, so I wrote an installation procedure for the Epson 1670, SANE, and RedHat Fedora Core 1.

Humor: If operating systems were airlines.

Judaism and philosophy

On light and being: Kabalah (or Qabalah) and Quantum Mechanics
Creations: A comparison of creation stories. Evolution, the big bang, and the creation stories of Genesis.
A management audit of the sedrah Noach - the Noah story and the Tower of Babel.
Elastic Judaism and the Pittsburgh Platform, or why I am having troubles getting Daniel to judaica studies.
Jewish Humor .  Also, recipes for obscure burgers.
Experiments in rendering Hebrew for the Web.  This is somewhat ironic because I don't know hebrew (maybe I should learn!)
The end of the world, or should Jews eat out every once in a while?
  Why are we here, which I delivered 30-August-2002.

A short story about how how I met the Messiah.

The map of the middle east I always wanted to draw. Now google apps gives me the technology to do so.

Stop the war in the Persian Gulf!

I got a letter from Ingrid Brucato which was published Dec 12 2002 in the Seattle Post Intelligencer. Ingrid also wrote a letter to the editor with regards to North Korea, which has not been published. Finally, I wrote a letter about Ingrid's story, and how it is relevant to the Iraqi war.

Have you wondered why removing dams from the Columbia river might be a bad idea? Me niether, but my son did, so I created a calculation of Carbon Dioxide emissions resulting from removing a dam from the lower columbia river.

I wrote an essay comparing gravity, elecromagnetism, and the Strong Force. In reading it over again, I see that it really needs more exposition.

The Bush CountDown Clock

Read why I think George Bush should not be reelected.  This essay was written for my neice, Chara.

This requires a Java-enabled browser.

Somebody convinced me to start blogging in public.

An Action Alert: Israeli Politics!

Please see ActionAlert.htmfor more information on what the radical right religious minority is doing in Israel.

My Personal stuff

My portfolio of selected writings and presentations, gathered into a single page.

This section is devoted to material which doesn't really fit into other categories and is mostly about people I care about.  It does have a link to My resume, and to my patent (or, you can look at's patent server). and my geek code.

My wife is an experienced nanny in the Seattle area.  
Person Website
Jeff Silverman, Me!
the Talaria website which is devoted to pain management in cancer patients.
My wife, Judith Silverman  judith
My daughter, Sarah Silverman, with locations in Seattle, Washington and Laguna Beach, California.  Check out Shanda Fantasy Arts. and Sarah's contribution thereto.  Sarah did some of the art work for The Adventures of Hanno and Loris.
My son, Daniel Silverman
My brother, John Silverman (english) (francaise) (German)
My sister, Judy Silverman, M.D.
My son, John Racus
My son's son, Randall Bruce Racus A picture of Randall
                  BruceRandall's Third Birthday party.

Randall's Adventures!
My son, Chris Racus
 Or contact them by digital pager 
Chris's personal web page
My Sister-in-laws' husband's sister, Nancy Erken nancy.htm (Nancy is just learning the dark arts of HTML)
My Sister-in-law's daugher (my niece) Betsy Hicks, and her  husband.  
My neice, Caroline Hicks  
My mother, Goldie Silverman Camping with Kids
My father, Donald Silverman, M.D.  
Wanda Moats Wanda's science resume online

Pictures of people I care about.

 Here is the rogue's gallery.  Some of the Lynch family recently got together in Sea Tac, Washington, for a brief reunion.  They took this photograph.My Daughter, Sarah for a picture.  Sarah drew this  dragon
My son, or see this link for a picture.  I have two other nieces and a nephew:A picture of Chara, Joana, and Michael (from left to right), Chara Lynch, Michael Lynch (I'm wearing the red hat), and Joana Lynch.
For my 43rd birthday, my daughter drew a picture of an angel-tiger named Essence on the wing of a 737.

Web Pages of other people I care about

Tawanda's Wisdom ( Mary Lou Stewart) My ISP, (wonderful people).

Web pages of organizations I care about

F5 Networks

Area 51 productions
The main website is  We are working on two books, The Sacred and We Were Vampire.
The University of Washington

The Educational Outreach Department

The Electrical Engineering Department

The department web page. Professor John Sahr. Professor Eve Riskin, Professor Less Atlas, Professor Blake Hannaford, Professor Deidre Meldrum, who is now at The Fulton school of engineering at ASU, and Professor Mari Ostendorf.

The College of Forest Resources

Professor David Peterson

The United States Department of Agriculture, National Forest Service, Fire and Environmental Research Applications team.

Don McKenzie

F5 Networks

Mathsoft, Data Analysis Products Division.
Makers of Splus (the premier statistical analysis tool, for UNIX, Linux, and MS-Windoze), Mathcad (Computer Aided Design for mathematicians and others who use symbolic mathematics),StudyWorks (Mathcad for children), and Axum (A data plotting tool for PCs).
Overlake School Class of 1976
If you went to Overlake School, Redmond, Washington, circa 1970-1976, your page is on my 80486. Check it out and contribute some content.
Temple Beth Am, Seattle.
The University of Washington, School of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering
My staff page.  The Research Laboratories page.  The Departmental page.  The page for the School of Engineering.  The University's Web Page, including a near instant webcam of the Ranier Vista.  My daughter has done art work for them.
Summit School-Seattle Public Schools
I am a member of a team of high school students who are running a web site for the school, including running their own server.  Check out their web pages. I also sent them a Spell Check Poem.
The Burlington Northern Sante Fe railroad
I've been in love with trains since I was a little kid. Here is their employee technical reference page, which is called their timetables page, but they have a lot more information than just timetables.
Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a world wide movement celebrating bicycling as a viable means of getting around in cities. Since I live in Seattle, I would encourage people to visit the Seattle Critical Mass web site.


I collect MIDIs and MP3s, sometimes.

Real world information

Maps: I love maps

The US Census TIGER database (your taxpayer dollars at work!).  The United States Coast and Geodetic survey (USGS).  Yahoo's Map server.
MapQuest has topological maps.

I am mastering a program called GRASS, which is an Open Source GIS system. Here is a map I made of the pacific northwest.

Weather, tides, and other time variant information

The current time in Seattle, Washington USA is  time!
The weather and tides in Seattle.
The weather is from the U.W Department of Atmospheric Science.
More tides and weather from NWBoating and NOAA. The tide information is also in tabular form.
The Next generation weather radar for Seattle and vacinity.
See also the Time and Weather page.

Current highway conditions are at the Washington State DOT.  Where is my bus (Metro Transit in the University District and at the Hub)?  Check out BusView for the U district!  The railroad station in Wenatchee, WA.  Amtrak Train 8 to Chicago leaves at 8:52 PM and Train 7 to Seattle leaves at 5:30 AM.

Happy Computing

Sometimes, I visit my sister in San Francisco.  There is transit information there, too.

The Government

City of Seattle
  Solid Waste Utility
King County
Want to take a bus from Seattle to the Evergreen State College (TESC) in Olympia? I created a page especially for the weekends. Washington State
  The Legislature
    My legislators from the 43rd district in the house: Frank Chop (D), and Murray, Edward  (D).  In the senate: Sen. Pat Thibaudeau (D-43)
Senator Pat Thibaudeau
Representative Ed Murray
Position 1, Democrat
Representative Frank Chopp
Position 2, Democrat
    The Washington State Department of Transportation, who has webcams of Seattle,Snoqualmie Pass, and Stevens Pass.
United States
  Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
The United States Department of Agriculture.
  The National Forest Service.
   The Forest Service The Pacific Northwest Research Station in Portland Oregon.
    The Seattle Forestry Sciences Laboratory, which is also known as the Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team.

  US Coast and Goedetic Survey (USGS)
  The White House
  United States Congress
    The Senate
      Our senators, Patty Murray and Slade Gorton.  Slade has a cooler web site, and is a more effective politician.  Patty is a much nicer human being.
    The House of Representatives
       Our Congressman, Jim McDermott
   Statistics Canada
United Nations

Bookmarks for Jeff Silverman

Digital Alta Vista
Netscape Search
IBM has a patent server, which is a database of US and other patents.  Of course, my patent is there.
The bicycle to work day page: The Cascade Bicycle club.
My bookmarks from my surfing using Netscape
Need Data Analysis software or services?  Refer to S-PLUS or Axum; two great computer programs. 

My GPG public key is located at JeffSilvermanPublicGPGkey.html.

Why isn't this page more flashy?

Because this page is designed to give you some critical information quickly and efficiently. All of those bells and whistles and flashy stuff get in the way of that. But Marketing people love that stuff, and I suppose if you are selling something, marketing is important. I'm not selling anything, I am just providing information.

Men Working Against Abuse (MWAA)

I am also passionately interested in the cause of domestic violence and abuse of all kinds. So here is a pointer to Men Working Against Abuse (MWAA), one of the few organizations that is actually working with men who are in abusive relationships.

Commercial Ventilation and Vacuum.

Call Commercial Ventilation and Vacuum for all your duct cleaning needs.  They not only clean your duct work, but they can install filters and perform mold remediation.

Natasha (Nataliya) Nadkina, click on this link

Contact us (if you are a human)

The Angel Home Page

I recently upgraded my web connection to DSL, and now I am running Linux on an 80486 with 16 Mbytes of RAM; a web browser, mail server, FTP server, firewall, IP router and it's running on free software. See to check on the router statistics.

Redhat Apache Linux
          Counter #120256 Javasoft Perl

Windows sucks, Linux rocks!
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